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Friday, 24 March 2006
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Who are they?
AIMS represents small and medium sized abattoirs and provides its members with a collective voice so they can be properly and effectively represented to the UK Government and others. The major proportion of these businesses in England, and an increasing number in Wales, are members of the Association and deal with around half of the nation's animals including traditional, ethnic and other specialist market requirements.

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What was their need?

  • emphasise the role of the small and medium sized abattoir in serving local livestock farmers and meeting the whole range of consumer needs, including butchers and companies distributing meat and meat products over a much larger geographic area.
  • provide an on-line information system to disseminate information to the members
  • differentiate information to members in England and Wales
  • to provide evidence to prospective members of the coverage of AIMS
  • an database to manage a quality assurance scheme

What did we do to help?

  • public web site
  • closed user groups for the geographic regions
  • consultancy and training
  • developed a bespoke application to manage and report on the work flow of the approval process under the quality standard

How did they benefit?

  • trusted third-party information providers can input information for delivery to the target groups of members
  • membership has increased year-on-year
  • revenue from approved 'service providers' who promote their specialist expertise to the members in the closed user group has doubled
  • new business opportunities are recived by the site administrator and passed to the members.
  • improved managemnt information and control in the pilot phase of the quality standard

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