Our services

If you want:

  • the highest standards of customer care and support.
  • effective, quality advice;
  • comprehensive technical services and solutions; and
  • clear rights to and ownership of materials and software.

Then talk to us - we will be able to help you.

Independent, high quality consultancy services and advice about information & communication technology (ICT) is our key offer. To follow up our consultancy work we provide robust, high value services and solutions (based on internet technology) that are clearly and competitively priced. Helping your business is all part of our service.

For further information about our expertise and the range of issues we can help you with, then please follow this link to contact us.

Consultancy Print E-mail

Our advice and consultancy services help you identify specific requirements to resolve your business issues. You will see how you can improve your business' performance and help you measure the benefits.

You will receive personal attention from a small group of experts who provide advice and technology solutions with simplicity at their heart.

Solutions Print E-mail

If you need a technology solution, we can provide "off-the-shelf" or "tailor-made" solutions and demonstrate how the use of internet-based tools and other software can meet your needs, and your budget.

You will receive technology that is fully "portable". Your solution either can be hosted with your existing web site or you can use our internet platform.